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How the preferences for contact and interaction modes between user and business are rapidly changing

The scenario that is emerging globally in recent years is seeing constant innovation and technological evolution, which has led to the multiplication of media and channels of interaction between users/consumers and businesses.

Multichannel is a mass phenomenon which is affecting more and more people and their behaviours, in particular those related to the shopping process, mainly online. Businesses will increasingly have to establish a dialogue with the market and the customers, in order to create a relationship which is effective, yet efficient, through an appropriate mix of channels; the aim is to provide a service that is personalised for various customer segments and to different uses: whether it addresses the research of information pre-purchase, the research of a solution to a problem, the need to contact the business immediately or even the desire to make a claim.

The technological diffusion in terms of devices (device, smartphones, tablets) continues to be a driving force behind the growth of the multichannel consumer, who uses the technological potential to seek new channels and information sources, up to the purchase and after-care stages. Research data confirms that multichannel consumers now represent more than half of the population; these figures are rising steadily by approximately 13%, year-on-year.

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