Introducing Engagent: the revolutionary software for communicating with service users

Visit Engagent website to discover all the available functionalities.

Engagent, the new solution launched by H-Care, a Pat Group company, set to revolutionize the interaction and the dialogue between companies and users, has been presented today.
As a totally innovative business solution, Engagent optimizes service, improves customer experience, drastically reduces operating costs and integrates effectively within business processes. The technology, developed within H-Care labs, enables companies to communicate with their users through a chatbox that can be easily integrated within the corporate website, Facebook page or mobile app.

The innovation introduced by Engagement – named HYBRID DIGITAL SUPPORT -  is a proprietary technology able to make accurate choices according to the resource type used during the dialogue with the user and therefore optimizing resources cost and/or effectiveness. However, Engagent is not just a simple multi-platform chat software. Alongside support team operators, it provides the effectiveness of a virtual operator capable of interacting with users thanks to its capacity for dialogue governed by the Natural Language Provide engine (NLP Engine).
In addition, the system provides seamless integration with back-office business systems, such as CRM, ERP and IT technologies (CTI, SMS Gateway, etc), ensuring a real interchange of information, tasks, and processes found in systems with active chat at a given time. Directly through the interface of Engagent both the human and the virtual operator will then be able to have a complete view of the user, including the relevant demographics and all the associated data.
Engagent is also able to share with the user textual information, links, videos, files and fully customized content, such as form, html or ad-hoc created call-to-action. In addition, if necessary, you can also follow the dialogue’s development on different channels thus moving to the Voice channel, SMS, E-mail or the increasingly used Twitter channel.

Engagent is in fact able to interact with users through its virtual operator, calling on the human resources department only when strictly necessary.

Acting in Self-Service Mode and providing support even during closing times, Engagent ensures a 24 hours service.

The platform can be completely aligned with corporate business: one of the components of the system, in fact, allows to define the rules of conduct and dialogue with the user in full adherence to the corporate DNA. With the help of the flow behavior designer and Engagent’s semantic capabilities it is also possible to define a specific call-to-action in relation to the creation of new opportunities. For example, thanks to the Chat, it will be possible to active services, guide the user in purchasing processes, request quotes and perform essential tasks crucial to the company business without the need to call an operator.
This is not only an innovative solution for customer service, but also an instrument capable of generating opportunities in alignment with the company interests. Therefore, Engagent is also a Virtual Vendor, a one-to-one marketing instrument and automated lead generator, able to independently propose fully customized business initiatives according to user’s navigation behaviour or according to information gathered from other business systems.

Available both as Cloud-based and On-Premise, Engagent is already available in 10 languages as well as having a fully customizable interface.
Visit Engagent website to discover all the available functionalities.

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