Myda version 2.2

Starting from today, the new Myda is able to read Tweets, SMS, weather forecast and much more. Also while you’re driving.

MyDA, the app developed by H-care’s team and available for Android devices is being continuously upgraded and announces new important developments.

The team that has developed this application, which now counts over 100 thousand users, announces the latest upgrades featured on the 2.2. release available on PlayStore:

“The latest version of Myda has some important changes both at core level and in the features on user side.

First of all, the extensive compatibility with Android’s Jelly Bean operating system, that has allowed the application to run also on the newest devices. No less important is the introduction of the new “in Car” mode that allows the user to use voice commands to ask questions to his digital assistant and to access important and useful information without getting distracted while driving.”

Myda is in fact able to answer to the user’s questions through very simple and functional commands, such as “find restaurants in Rome”, “read an economics news article”, “read a SMS”, “read a tweet”, “what’s the weather like today”, “tell me the horoscope for Pisces”.

Using H-Care’s own Natural Language Processing engine, Myda is able to answer correctly to users’ requests. The integration with social channels, Wikipedia and RSS of over 40 information sources allows Myda to provide useful information to the user and to receive questions through voice commands. For example, while you’re driving, Myda will read for you received text messages, mentions on Twitter and all the most updated information for your profile, without having to interact manually with your device. Always up to date but with your hands firm on the steering wheel. Your driving licence (and your wallet) will thank you!

Upgrade MyDa immediately: log in to the marketplace from your device, available here.