The challenge of obtaining a Single Customer View through multi-channel communication

Although being a market research focus for the first half of 2012, data collected through a survey in the US by Experian highlights how multi-channel communication could create some tightly isolated areas in the management of communication with the user, and to which extent the loss of information caused by the adoption of different channels creates inconveniences for the end user.

The increasingly fragmented management of different channels and the inability to align data has created the need to define a strategy to achieve a Single Customer View in all activities and interactions between the customer and brand that occur through different channels.

Here we report some data that shows to which extent the mismatch of data and interactions with the user can cause tangible disadvantages to the business, and how software solutions, such as Braininteractive can help businesses to implement a multichannel strategy that is able to guarantee a Single Customer View distributed on all channels.


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