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Why is multichannel customer care so important for businesses?

70% of the rate of customer loss depends on the customer’s dissatisfaction with the customer care service received. It is now essential to improve the Customer Experience providing a multichannel service. Here we explain why.

Data collected in recent years shows that businesses must be able to offer a customer experience that is relevant and memorable at every stage (from information search to after-sale) if they wish to maintain high level of customer satisfaction. The in-depth analysis of purchasing patterns via multichannel for various clusters should be followed by the design of a multichannel Customer Service strategy that keeps into account both information and relationship needs, that vary for each client.

Customers who are satisfied with customer care interactions are 4 times more likely to buy again from the same website!

Businesses should commit to engage in an innovative, multichannel-oriented process for their Customer Service in order to be able to satisfy the expectations of their clients/users who now expect to be able to find all the information they need through their preferred media and, at the same time, to be recognised as customers on any channel they use to contact the business.

In the following White Paper, we provide an introduction to the reasons why multichannel customer care is a strategic asset to achieve tangible business results.