A few case studies

We’ve put together a selection of case studies to show how our solutions have successfully helped companies from across the world improve their customer care processes and interact better with their clients. There’s a brief summary of each case below, download the white paper for the full story.


TUA Assicurazioni

Sector: Insurance

Thanks to “Intelligent IVR” platform, integrated with the HelpdeskAdvanced system, the “Tua Fast” project guarantees high flexibility and multichannels to each contact request from TUA Assicurazioni agents.


IW Bank

Sector: Banking

IWBank employs the digital assistant Sofia to improve web customer care services and generate new business opportunities. Furthermore, Sofia proactively and dynamically informs IWBank customers regarding financial offers and on-line banking services, just as a real personal consultant would.



Sector: Telecommunication

Telephone customer service “TeleTu” has been built by exploiting the potential of “Intelligent IVR” platform which not only allows the creation of a self-caring channel for users but also a more efficient coordination of call centers operating for the promotion of telephone contracts.



Sector: Telecommunication

Vodafone Italia telephone customer service “190” manages a costantly growing business and consumer audience in an increasingly efficient way thanks to our Intelligent IVR platform. The use of this platform has shown a proven reduction between 50% and 70% of “live” calls, with a dramatic increase in the quality of the service offered.


Milan Chamber of Commerce

Sector: Public body

The Human Digital Assitant technology applied to the institutional portal of Milan Chamber of Commerce has revolutionized the way in which service is used by creating a marked improvement in users’ navigation experience and in finding specific information regarding their application for financial support or other specific enquiries.



Sector: Insurance

With the introduction of the recent cross-channel strategy, we have created Julie: the digital assistant specially tailored to Mornay Services. Since its introduction, both a sales conversion rate equal to 300% and a growing membership to this new company’s sales channels has been recorded.


ULSS 16 Padua

Sector: Public Body

The digital assistant has been able to offer practical help to one of Padua’s local health unit users by allowing them to collect and view medical reports online. As well as leading them through the correct procedures, the digital assistant provides users with the instructions on how to download and verify the results of the medical services received in a totally independent manner.