How would you like to communicate to your users? One2One? Via multichannel? In Self-service mode? Proactively? Here is how to do it!

Braininteractive is the software platform created to communicate to your users via multichannel as well as in one2one mode. Multiple technologies controlled by a single platform make it possible for you to interact with your users in self-service mode without impacting the existing technological framework and through governance of processes that is efficient in terms of performance and reduces maintenance costs. Initially created to allow governance of communication with users via HUMAN DIGITAL ASSISTANT, Braininteractive has evolved.  The software is now able to communicate with the user through multichannel, managing infrastructure and information. The aim is to provide self-service support, resolve autonomously support requests and to apply decisional and business concepts, in order to offer a new customer experience that provides customer satisfaction and significantly reduces first-line support costs.

Aims and purposes

  • To create a NEW multichannel CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  • Always guarantee the most relevant answer when in self-service mode in response to fist-line support or information requests.
  • Easily integrate and manage systems governance and existing infrastructures
  • Transform the need to provide support to the user in a dialogue which extends to new marketing and commercial opportunities.
  • Cut first-line support costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction thanks to the reduction of waiting times and to the use of the self-service functionality. 
  • Extend Brand visibility towards both existing and potential clients

Main characteristics of the platform


Equipped with a semantic search engine (SemanticEngine), it makes use of advanced technologies to interpret the support request and always provide accurate, precise and relevant answers, allowing a proactive dialogue with the customer to be established



Enables Customer Support via Multi-Channel to be offered, making use of new communication media and inviting the user to use the channel which is most convenient in terms of efficiency/costs (channel-shifting). Hence, the platform is able to manage the entire communication flow with the user via multi/cross-channel.



It integrates effectively with both Front-end systems (websites, mobile applications, CTI, LMS, etc) and Back-End systems (Crm, Billing, etc). It allows the integration of systems which already exist within your company and high level governance at.


Controlled channels

Voice, SMS, Mail, Web, Mobile, Social, Kiosk.


Per who?

For companies and organisations which manage on a daily basis multiple dialogues with their clients (or users) through different channels and need a system for the governance of communications mainly aimed at customer care, and want to improve the support service using the self-service functionality and digital interaction.


Areas of application

Banking, Government, Insurance, Services, E-commerce, Multi-Service.


Platform Technologies

Braininteractive is a platform which uses multiple integrated technologies. Below we provide a brief description of the technologies that constitute the Application Suite:



The application core of the software infrastructure which coordinates and manages all the software components of the suite and includes integrated layers of communication channels with the business’s IT systems and external data sources. 


NLP Modeller

The Natural Language Processing modeller through which it is possible to instruct the infrastructure for the dialogue with the user in self-service mode.


Authoring Tool

The tool to design and control the behaviour flows through the system and through which it is possible to design the dialogue case studies, browsing behaviours, the integration of external data sources and query third party services.


Channel Shifting Layer

The socket used by Brain to use communication channels using the integration with other front-end or back-end services. It also allows to perform channel changes during the dialogue managing the flow of data.

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Integration Layer

An Hardware/Software integration layer through which is it possible to integrate with existing IT system (telephony CTI, SMS Gateway, etc) or external data source (CRM, Back-office, etc).

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