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Created from the HUMAN DIGITAL ASSISTANT platform, Intelligent IVR is the ideal solution for the dynamic management of IVR processes.

This solution provides for the personalised management of processes, navigation trees and contents involved in the communication with users in IVR mode. Using Authoring Tool, the visual designer of BrainInteractive processes, Intelligent IVR, allows to create and edit all involved flows, managing all processes without manual intervention on the infrastructure. The features of this solution, which is open and entirely scalable, significantly cuts IVR channel management costs, making the client completely independent from intervention and maintenance costs.

Features and functionalities

  • Dynamic contents in the sounds: It is possible to add to the sounds dynamic and personalised contents, thanks to the integration with third-party systems or existing infrastructures (CRM, etc).
  • Dynamic design of flows: Immediate execution time thanks to the pre-production design and testing of flows.
  • Predictive ability of the trees: navigation and navigation flows of the IVR channel can be dynamic according to the users’ frequency of use, geolocation, user type and other characteristics.
  • Data Collection: data collection functionality. The data will be collected and forwarded to the operator.
  • Evaluation feedback: option to use the IVR channel to provide feedback on the service received and to perform CSIs.
  • Use of synthesised voices: it is possible, in addition to using registered audio, to use a TTS engine for speech synthesis.

Main benefits

  • Reduction of costs related to the management of the IVR channel
  • Improved contents control and management
  • Dynamic IVR system
  • Integration with Back-office and third party systems
  • Easy adoption of the solution
  • Messages and flows personalised according to the user
  • Use of business processes to define routing rules

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