MyDA is the result of the advanced 3D animation technology developed by Pat Group

MyDA, My Digital Assistant, is the digital personal assistant that revolutionises the relationship with your mobile device, introducing a virtual assistant who helps to manage commitments and messages to and from your contacts.

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The desire to have a personal assistant becomes reality. Loyal and punctual, MyDA will notify you of things to do in the morning, remember commitments logged into your agenda, notify you of new emails and messages, and read important news.

The “graphic face engine”, called Face Engine, has been created on the basis of advanced rendering and 3D animation algorithms, which allow to closely reproduce the human face with a whole range of human expressions. Realism is enhanced by speech synthesis of the latest generation. The used type of speech synthesis is called emotional, as it is able to reproduce the intonations of the human voice with a high level of accuracy.

Functionalities and technical features:

  • Compatible with Android 2.1 or higher and with Bada
  • Available on Android Marketplace and on Samsung Apps

MYDA reads the data and informs you through the applications that you use on a daily basis:

  • Calendar
  • Activities
  • Quotes, weather forecast and other services
  • RSS news

Myda Business and other personalised integrations

Myda Business is the technology that can be integrated with external data sources and with the business’s own IT systems, in order to be used by third-party software, for customised projects.

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