Authoring Tool

Authoring Tool is an instrument that is used to define and manage easily the contents and the processes that define the dynamics and behaviours of multi-channel dialogues with users.

Authoring Tool is used both in Braininteractive and ENGAGENT to create interactions which are dynamic and that can be personalised to a large extent. This tool creates dynamic contents, rules and actions which are aligned with all business applications that exist within the company. It also allows to assist users in real time via any communication channel (Web, IVR, kiosks, Mobile, IPTV, SMS, etc.).


Activities such as process design and content and rules creation can be managed without any specific technical knowledge; such activities are in fact based on a business-oriented interface called Authoring Tool. Authoring Tool is a fully web-based (Ajax) application that has been created to manage every aspect of the dialogue behaviour and to enhance its experience: contents and interactions are managed through this tool, which allows full control on the contents’ life-cycle.

For More Information: Authoring Tool

Face Engine

Human Digital Assistant is the first technology developed by our team to create the digital avatar of online assistance. Face Engine is the technology that allows to process in real time the digital assistant who is able to communicate contents through digital speech and that is controlled via web, mobile and kiosk channels through Braininteractive. This technology is the innovative answer to improve the user experience, owing to a human-like presence, expressive and emphatic, in the communication environment with the user.


For More Information: Human Digital Assistant

NLP Engine & NLP Engine Modeller

This is the application core for the definition of contents that are used in the dialogue with the users; it allows to use advanced text-analysis algorithms in input, and to choose the response contents according to metrics of Natural Language Process.


NLP Engine Modeller is available for Braininteractive and ENGAGENT; it allows to define the contents used in the dialogue though a content management editor, allowing who is responsible for the semantics to instruct the system on how to provide answers in self-service mode.

For More Information: Natural Language Modeller